Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pack 65 Scouting for Food recap - thank you!

Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Parents -

Congratulations to you all!!!!  What a great job by all parties, THANK YOU!  With the final tally now in, we had 27 Scouts (23 Cubs and 4 Boy Scouts) and 22 Parents plus friends and siblings and we took Southpoint by storm with an Army of bag pickers and food hunters.  Let's not forget this was all made possible by the Boy Scouts hanging all the hangers last weekend!  When we left the parking lot of the church to head to the food pantry we had 529 items - what a great haul.  Then, I was tracked down in the Sheetz parking lot by the Koppenheffer's who almost got left behind.  They gave me an additional 380 items!  I have no idea how they packed it all in the car, but they did.  The more amazing part is that Braden and his dad worked solo to haul it all in, a Tiger got more pieces than any other scout – Way to Go Braden!!!!

Our Final Tally - 909 items!!!!!!!

Thank you all for your help and for the good that we brought to those needing a meal.  There will be people that need a meal that will not go hungry.  I will send in the list on Monday and get the patches to you as soon as they get to me.

Thank you,  Joe Nye

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