Monday, October 22, 2012

*** CANCELLED *** 2012 Derry Township Halloween Parade - Monday, 10.29.12 @ 6pm

2012 HALLOWEEN PARADE has been cancelled and will not be resecheduled

When:      Monday, October 29th at 6pm
Where:     Meet in the Hershey Company Parking Lot (corner of Java & Caracas)

We will meet in the parking lot at 6pm.  Judging starts at 6:15.  The parade begins at 7pm.

PIZZA AND HOT CHOCOLATE will be served before the parade starts and a small snack before the chocolate kicks in.

Wear your Halloween Costume or your Cub Scout Uniform.  Bring a flashlight as it helps locate the candy if you drop your bag.  The Hershey Company provides the candy for each group to throw (toss) to the parade attendees.

Route:   Down Caracas - past fire station,  Right turn onto Valley (at bank),  Right turn onto Chocolate Ave - thru square - and finally a Right onto Ceylon Ave to re-enter the parking lot.

Scouts - please find your Den leader when you arrive so they can get an accurate scout count.

Parents - parade lasts for about an hour.  Since it takes a while to flow out of the parking lot at the start of the parade, you can expect us to be back to the parking lot around 8:15 - 8:30.   MAKE SURE you check-in with your DEN LEADER before taking your child home!  Safety first!

Please contact Bill McDanolds with any questions at 717-614-0770.

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