Monday, September 20, 2010

Pack 65 Popcorn Sale Fundraiser

It's time for our annual Pack 65 fundraiser. Order forms have been given to all of the Den leaders and should be distributed at your Den meetings. For the returning scouts, you'll notice that the Council has change popcorn suppliers for this year. If you look at the sales flyer, you'll see that magazine subscriptions have been included to give buyers another option. Please note that the Military donation is still an option on the form. Prize lists have also been out to the den leaders to distribute. The prize list sheets give instructions on how to pick out your prize or prizes depending on the amount you sell.

As in previous years, our Pack will earn 30% of the total sales. This money will be used to fund our future events such as Winter and Family Camps, Blue & Gold Dinner, and supplies (snacks) for hikes, picnics and parades.

Order forms will be due back to Neil or Anna Biser no later than Friday October 22nd, the date of our next Pack Meeting at the Hershey Elementary school.

Popcorn will be distributed on Sunday, November the 14th, from 12:00 noon until 5:00 PM at the Biser Household: 1563 Spring Hill Drive, Hummelstown.

Payment for the popcorn will be due back to Neil or Anna Biser no later than Monday November 29th. 2% of our commission is dependent on timely payment to Council.

Additional order forms can be obtained here (Part 1 and Part 2) or from your den leaders or Neil Biser.
Have an enjoyable and safe time while meeting your neighbors and good luck selling!

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